“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no-one alive who is you-er than you.”


Career coaching


Change is inevitable

They say no-one likes change. But nothing stands still, especially with the speed of technology-driven change in our business. This rapid change in the workplace brings new pressures for individuals, but it also opens up a world of new possibilities.



Embrace it

We’re here to help people who have reached a crossroads in their working life, showing them how to embrace change in a way that works for both them and your business. Sometimes people find themselves feeling like a square peg and make the decision to leave; at other times the demands of the business drive that decision.




We support people when they leave your business and help them through the process of finding a new job. We also work with the people who remain at the company to assimilate and manage change in a positive and profitable way.

Examples of our Career Coaching


  • Managing your Career – a workshop for runners and researchers.
  • We worked with a Head of Production as they moved to a General Manager role.
  • Coaching a newly appointed Executive Producer, promoted from within the team, to make the transition easier.
  • Supporting a Managing Director to leave a company and establish a successful portfolio career.

What our clients say


“It allowed me to see my own career in a much more structured way. it has enhanced my confidence… I think my company has a better employee which is important to me – I am more convinced than ever that I can achieve within and for the company to which I’m very dedicated.”



“A freedom to talk about issues which are hard to discuss in the rest of life; a sense that I’d been helped by taking a clearer view of the bigger picture in my career.”