“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”




Sharing knowledge and experience

Mentoring is less formal than coaching. Sharing our knowledge and experience, we mentor individuals to inspire them. We help them their set a long-term strategy and improve their performance.



Building independence

Mentoring take relatively little time and is very cost-effective. As the process progresses the mentee becomes more independent and confident, in effect, driving their own progress and building their career.

Our mentoring expertise


  • We have set up and managed numerous internal mentoring schemes.
  • We have trained staff to be mentors and mentees.
  • We created and managed a cross-media mentoring scheme for Board level women.

What our mentors and mentees say


“Mentoring is a fabulous way to practice your listening skills and to become totally focused on someone else’s issues rather than your own.”



“It was good to learn that success appears in many different ways and that taking your own dreams, ambitions and wishes into account is just as valid as taking the company’s into account… which is how most of us are conditioned to act, rather than pushing the boundaries or stepping outside our comfort zone – or perhaps outside our company.”



“It was helpful to put pressures in perspective and get honest feedback from an independent and disinterested observer.”