“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need.”




Overcoming deadlock

We’ve all found ourselves in situations where it seems impossible to come to a solution that is acceptable to everyone involved. The mediation process is designed to sidestep poor communication and entrenched positions, helping you find a mutually acceptable resolution through an impartial third party.



Professional accreditation

All our mediators are approved by the Law Society and Bar Council.



An alternative solution

The most common reason for grievance and unfair dismissal cases is poor relationships between managers and staff. Through mediation, we help people change their perception of a situation so they can discover different solutions.

Recent mediation projects


  • A Producer and a Legal Executive clashed. Rather than resolve the issue, they avoided each other and there were threats of litigation. A few short mediation sessions helped them to work constructively together.
  • A Production Manager found the impending changes in her department extremely difficult to deal with and developed a negative attitude. We helped her to cope with the challenges and produce results with her manager and the team.
  • Two Executive Producers in competition with each other failed to work effectively and as a result exceeded the budget and duplicated work. We identified the key issues with them and helped them developed a protocol for future productions.
  • Restructuring led to an acrimonious redundancy and a threatened claim for unfair dismissal. Successful mediation allowed a face-saving exit and positive PR for everyone involved.
  • Trust had broken down between two companies involved in a £12m co-production. We were able to identify the problems leading to the impasse and get them back on track.

What people say


“I thought we were at an impasse, in the end we arrived at a way forward.”


“I’m never going to like her, but I realise I don’t have to. What’s important is that we both work in the interests of the programme.”


“I was too emotional to see a way forward but Sue helped me to gain perspective and find a way through.”