“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”




Three reasons you need coaching

According to the Harvard Business Review, the top three reasons coaches are hired are: to develop high potential people or facilitate transition; act as a sounding board; or address derailing behaviour. It’s all about changing your mindset.



Coaching for success

The best-known examples of coaching can be found in sports – just google coaching stats to get an idea of how the right kind of coaching can create winning teams. The same principles apply in business – we coach individuals to help them succeed, and to build stronger teams.



Quick Fix and on-going support

Some times people need help now, so we do quick fix coaching sessions to get them on track. At other times, they need on-going support to get the best out of them. Our confidential service can strengthen your team, with lasting results for individuals and your business.

Recent coaching projects


  • We worked with a producer/director to help her succeed in her first series producer role.
  • We helped a talented producer take on a larger production team by boosting his confidence and clarifying his priorities.
  • A new head of department was frustrated by the perceived ”incompetence” of her staff. We helped her learn how to control her emotional response and develop a new approach.
  • Developing a First 100 Days strategy with a newly appointed French MD.
  • Developing new ways of working with a group of producers to help manage reduced budgets.
  • Helping staff to cope with the closure of their post-production unit and to build a plan for the future.
  • Developing the skills of a German finance director to manage a multinational team.

What our coachees say


“After 20 years at the same company, some of my working habits have become ‘comfortable’ – not always in the most productive way. Discussing these issues with an objective expert from the industry has been incredibly helpful.”



“Talking to Helen about the issues reminded me of some things that are important in my own working life that I sometimes forget.”



“I am now a better listener, less frustrated if I am not in control and more able to take praise without deflecting it. It’s let me take stock and understand the path I am being put on by my company… I’m also more open about my desire to learn expand my experience within the company – and that has been very well received at work.